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Physicians often depend on lab work to help better understand the degree of illness or to direct care for many patients. While many issues are addressed directly between physician and patient, physicians need more information, such as routine bloodwork, cultures, urine testing, and sometimes even electrocardiograms to ensure patients are appropriately evaluated.  This leads to patients making extra trips to other offices to complete the testing needed.


At My Labs 2 Go we are proud to provide lab collection services to both individuals and employers.

Made up of our expert team of nurses and phlebotomists, My Labs 2 Go provides mobile-based medical testing services for any individual or business, including other Physicians’ offices.

We are able to arrange services at your home or any other location of your choice without disrupting your day-to-day schedule. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The medical staff here at My Labs 2 Go has the experience and expertise to handle any medically directed lab collection in any environment. Each patient’s identity is confirmed with government issued ID and all lab work obtained is labelled in the presence of the patient to ensure the integrity of the process.  We also ensure our staff is trained to handle “difficult sticks” and we are willing to work with your provider to take any extra measures to ensure ease of draw.  Please note: Urine drug test collection with concurrent blood testing can be arranged only with results run in a CLIA licensed laboratory.

My Labs 2 Go is available at your convenience by the simple click of a mouse that allows you to schedule your appointment time to what fits your needs.  We also arrange to deliver all specimens to the lab indicated by your physician.  If one is not indicated, we ensure delivery to the lab of your choice. 

The My Labs 2 Go staff is able to work in any location.  Our staff needs a clean flat surface for their work.

Our goal at My Labs 2 Go is to provide reliable testing, great customer service, and to test whatever the time, wherever the location, or whatever the situation.

Pre surgical testing

This panel includes an electrocardiogram and lab work as follows:

  • CMP, BMP, CBC, PTT, INR Magnesium, Type and screen COVID -19 testing
  • Routine blood work / urine samples (CMP, BMP, CBC, PTT and INR U/A)
  • IV vitamin therapy

Given recent events, there is a heightened awareness of how we interact in our day to day lives.  We are facing a new reality where every time we venture out, we weigh the risks and benefits.  The uncertainty of exposure risks based on who is in the waiting room has been keeping physicians busy with telemedicine visits. My Labs 2 Go staff is fitted with PPE to minimize risk of exposure.