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05 19 22
Healthy Habits to Adopt in Spring and Summer

Changes in season call for changes in lifestyle. The onset of Spring is the best time to make healthy habits that will last you through to Fall. It’s important to develop these habits in Spring before hectic summer plans take over, and the chance to increase health and vitality slips by. The best way to...

04 28 22
How to Survive Allergy Season

Allergies, A Case of Mistaken Identity Allergies are a sign that your body’s immune system is working well to defend you from potential danger. However, the issue with allergies is that of mistaken identity, the dangerous invader is not dangerous at all, and the body’s full on attack is misdirected. Seasonal allergies, also known as...

03 03 22
Everything You Need to Know About Long COVID

COVID-19 Gone Sideways Imagine you get COVID-19. The dreaded disease came knocking at your door, and your body’s immune system, with all it’s vaccine defenses, dropped the ball, and let it in. Fever, aches and pains, and fatigue, never ending fatigue. You sleep for a couple days straight, taking vitamin C, D and zinc, getting...

02 07 22
Risks and Benefits to Dr. Google Searches

It is safe to say that today, the internet is omnipresent in our lives. From using online apps for directions, to registering for classes, renewing licenses, writing exams, ordering pizza and even diagnosing health abnormalities. You are not alone if you “google” what are the possible reasons why you may be experiencing diarrhea, a headache,...

11 26 21
How to Keep High Energy in Shorter Darker Colder Days

Now that Daylight saving time is over for the year, and we are back to shorter days, many of us are bracing for the long haul of shorter, darker and colder days. Our bodies definitely notice the difference in the weather outside, and the change is more than feeling colder. Fall and winter weather typically...

11 02 21
Stay Healthy This Flu Season

Just as predictable as the changing of seasons, the arrival of the flu season is now upon us and we need to be informed and prepared. Passing through flu season unscathed is best done through adopting hygiene habits, strengthening your immune system, paying attention to symptoms and taking the right precautions. Over the past two...

10 13 21
What are Vitamins and Why are They so Essential?

Vitamins are nutrients our bodies use to produce skin, muscle, bones, regulate metabolism, cognitive function,  immune responses, digestion and stress management. In fact, our bodies use vitamins for practically every task it performs, making vitamins an absolutely  necessary requirement for a properly functioning body.  There are about 30 essential vitamins a healthy body needs to...

08 30 21
Back to School SAFELY

Normally, for parents of school aged children, the end of summer break is routinely characterized as “the most wonderful time of the year”! However, for many families, this September, schools reopening is not all celebration. COVID-19 presents extra challenges for parents sending their children back to school, especially for families with a member that has...

08 12 21
I’m Vaccinated, WHY AM I POSITIVE

Cases are starting to rise around the country and in many parts of the world. The main culprit is the Delta variant; Delta is affecting everyone. Other variants e.g. Lambda, are also emerging as concerns.  “What if I am fully vaccinated?” you ask.  No exceptions, the Delta variant is infecting us all: Fully vaccinated, previously...

07 15 21
7 Easy Ways to Get Active

Now that things are feeling pretty much back to normal from a grueling one and a half year global pandemic, it’s time to recover our lives and build back healthy habits to stay active. One unfortunate side effect of the pandemic has been the development of widespread inactivity. From the directive to stay and work...