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11 26 21
How to Keep High Energy in Shorter Darker Colder Days

Now that Daylight saving time is over for the year, and we are back to shorter days, many of us are bracing for the long haul of shorter, darker and colder days. Our bodies definitely notice the difference in the weather outside, and the change is more than feeling colder. Fall and winter weather typically...

11 02 21
Stay Healthy This Flu Season

Just as predictable as the changing of seasons, the arrival of the flu season is now upon us and we need to be informed and prepared. Passing through flu season unscathed is best done through adopting hygiene habits, strengthening your immune system, paying attention to symptoms and taking the right precautions.   Over the past...

10 13 21
What are Vitamins and Why are They so Essential?

Vitamins are nutrients our bodies use to produce skin, muscle, bones, regulate metabolism, cognitive function,  immune responses, digestion and stress management. In fact, our bodies use vitamins for practically every task it performs, making vitamins an absolutely  necessary requirement for a properly functioning body.  There are about 30 essential vitamins a healthy body needs to...

08 30 21
Back to School SAFELY

Normally, for parents of school aged children, the end of summer break is routinely characterized as “the most wonderful time of the year”! However, for many families, this September, schools reopening is not all celebration. COVID-19 presents extra challenges for parents sending their children back to school, especially for families with a member that has...

08 12 21
I’m Vaccinated, WHY AM I POSITIVE

Cases are starting to rise around the country and in many parts of the world. The main culprit is the Delta variant; Delta is affecting everyone. Other variants e.g. Lambda, are also emerging as concerns.  “What if I am fully vaccinated?” you ask.  No exceptions, the Delta variant is infecting us all: Fully vaccinated, previously...

07 15 21
7 Easy Ways to Get Active

Now that things are feeling pretty much back to normal from a grueling one and a half year global pandemic, it’s time to recover our lives and build back healthy habits to stay active. One unfortunate side effect of the pandemic has been the development of widespread inactivity. From the directive to stay and work...

06 22 21
Got the Itch to Travel? Read this before you scratch!

Does it feel like it has been eons since you last packed your bags - ready to be sun kissed on a beach. Before you pack your sandals, here the top 3 travel questions answered: Fully vaccinated domestic travellers do not need to get tested before or after domestic flights, nor do they need to self...

06 08 21
Do you hear the creaks of your body?

Have you ever heard a weird noise coming from your car while driving? A whizzing noise, or maybe even a whining noise? Just like our cars, our bodies sometimes do weird things: Heavy breathing, unexplained weight loss, unending fatigue, frequent  visits to the bathroom or unusual headaches.  Just like our cars, when weird things happen,...

05 25 21
COVID-19 Variants – What You Need To Know

Viruses are always on the move, mutating constantly.  Viruses mutate when they consistently replicate creating “mistakes'' in their reproduction.  However, these “mistakes” help propagate the virus, giving it the ability to transfer faster, replicate easier, and transmit unchecked. These mutations are bad for us but good for the virus.  We need to worry about variants...

05 11 21
5 Benefits to IV Hydration

The benefits of IV Hydration and Vitamin IV Drip go well beyond the sum of its parts. Although IV Drip has been a key component of many rehabilitation programs for decades, it can have positive effects for more than just the chronically ill and elderly. Check out these 5 benefits of IV Hydration, and you’ll...

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