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06 08 21
Do you hear the creaks of your body?

Have you ever heard a weird noise coming from your car while driving? A whizzing noise, or maybe even a whining noise? Just like our cars, our bodies sometimes do weird things: Heavy breathing, unexplained weight loss, unending fatigue, frequent  visits to the bathroom or unusual headaches.  Just like our cars, when weird things happen,...

05 25 21
COVID-19 Variants – What You Need To Know

Viruses are always on the move, mutating constantly.  Viruses mutate when they consistently replicate creating “mistakes'' in their reproduction.  However, these “mistakes” help propagate the virus, giving it the ability to transfer faster, replicate easier, and transmit unchecked. These mutations are bad for us but good for the virus.  We need to worry about variants...

05 11 21
5 Benefits to IV Hydration

The benefits of IV Hydration and Vitamin IV Drip go well beyond the sum of its parts. Although IV Drip has been a key component of many rehabilitation programs for decades, it can have positive effects for more than just the chronically ill and elderly. Check out these 5 benefits of IV Hydration, and you’ll...

04 27 21
I’m Vaccinated! What next?

COVID-19 vaccines do not give immunity from the dreaded Coronavirus. Rather the vaccine gives your body a stronger army of fighter antibodies to battle the virus, altogether changing the dynamics of the fight against Coronavirus. Even though the vaccine strengthens your chances of fighting Coronavirus through antibodies, the issue is that we are not quite...

Flattening the Curve COVID-19 at Home Medically Supervised Testing Provides the Solution
06 04 20
Flattening the Curve: COVID-19 At-Home Medically Supervised Testing Provides the Solution

At the end of April, the number of COVID-19 cases in the USA has surpassed 1 million with more than 63,000 deaths from the coronavirus infection. In comparison to other countries such as Germany and South Korea which had significant drops in their number of COVID-19 cases and fatality rate in the span of 2-3...

Back to work Covid-19 Screening
06 01 20
Back to work covid-19 screening

America is going back to work and employee safety  from COVID-19 is on top of every employer’s list! The National Government is set to resume the operations of states and localities that cover the federal government and the private sector. To achieve a safe and orderly return of the workforce, President Donald Trump released the...

Understanding the benefits of Telemedicine
05 25 20
Understanding the Benefits of Telemedicine

With the continuing global fight against coronavirus, it has been considered challenging to set an appointment with doctors, let alone, take a trip to the hospital yourself.  As the public health crisis on COVID-19 persists, we are necessarily encouraged to limit our contact and exposure outside our very homes. However, there are certain activities that...

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