Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can we help you?

We have assembled a few thoughts to address very commonly asked questions that you may have. We are always just a click away if you have any other questions.

How does this work?

Navigating today’s healthcare system is not only confusing but time consuming.  Our team of experts are here to do the work for you. By taking the stress off your shoulders, you and your family can be confident you are getting the quality care to heal. 

Our services are consulting and advocacy services which are not covered by insurance at this time.

Depends! If you don’t have a primary care physician we are glad to evaluate your case and determine the best PCP for you – whether it is me or another qualified physician.  Please remember we are an OUT OF NETWORK provider.  

The beauty of our services is that you don’t have to change your current care team.  We work with your existing care team to optimize the continuity and quality or your care. 

During our onboarding process there are forms and waivers you are required to sign to obtain records from your physicians, pharmacies and hospitals.  This ensures HIPAA compliance according to Federal law.

Our team is an independent unbiased team of advisors and consultants allowing us to reach beyond the glass ceiling to help optimize your care.

How do I find you?

Our office is available on appointment basis.  This allows us to make time in our schedule when you’re available.

Each tier includes a number of visits tailored to your specific needs.  However, if the need arises appointments can be made directly with our team at our earliest availability seen on our website heading “Appointments”

We are physically located in New Jersey but our services are available throughout the United States.  For more information on pricing adjustments based on location contact us directly.

What about the packages?

Our services are need based and essentially can be pieced together to fit your needs.  Our tiers are groupings of our most requested services. During our consultation we will work to see what services you would benefit from most. 

Our consulting services are currently not covered under HSA or FSA.

In the event you would no longer need our services, please contact our office directly by phone.