Limited availability of tests significantly impacts the use of testing to evaluate safety and security in returning back to work. The wide variability in the accuracy and validity of the tests further hinders the ability to create criteria for employees to return to work. The Do-It-Yourself stations and kits addresses the supply of testing but the integrity of the test could be negatively impacted due to how the specimen is collected.


Our team takes the responsibility to administer the test to ensure appropriate sampling to maintain the integrity of the test.  We offer concurrent testing – the nasopharyngeal swab and the Antibody Test simultaneously – to understand the current and prior infectivity of each individual tested.  Testing can be performed in one of the following two ways, each with its unique advantages to better address your goals.


Our trained medical staff will collect laboratory samples from each employee in the comfort of their own home.  At-Home testing is ideal for smaller businesses wanting to test 15 or less employees.  

This model is also preferred to those employers who wish to retain privacy in phased-in recalls back to work. 


Employers who would like to test groups of employees over a short period of time may choose to create “Pop up” test sites (tent or office space) at their commercial premises.  

This model ensures that employees are tested in the same 1-2 day window with minimal time lag allowing them to return to work in the same time window.  

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