Posted by | June 22, 2021
Got the Itch to Travel? Read this before you scratch!

Does it feel like it has been eons since you last packed your bags - ready to be sun kissed on a beach. Before you pack your sandals, here the...

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Posted by | June 8, 2021
Do you hear the creaks of your body?

Have you ever heard a weird noise coming from your car while driving? A whizzing noise, or maybe even a whining noise? Just like our cars, our bodies sometimes do...

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Posted by | May 11, 2021
5 Benefits to IV Hydration

The benefits of IV Hydration and Vitamin IV Drip go well beyond the sum of its parts. Although IV Drip has been a key component of many rehabilitation programs for...

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Posted by | April 27, 2021
I’m Vaccinated! What next?

COVID-19 vaccines do not give immunity from the dreaded Coronavirus. Rather the vaccine gives your body a stronger army of fighter antibodies to battle the virus, altogether changing the dynamics...

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Flattening the Curve COVID-19 at Home Medically Supervised Testing Provides the Solution
Posted by | June 4, 2020
Flattening the Curve: COVID-19 At-Home Medically Supervised Testing Provides the Solution

At the end of April, the number of COVID-19 cases in the USA has surpassed 1 million with more than 63,000 deaths from the coronavirus infection. In comparison to other...

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Back to work Covid-19 Screening
Posted by | June 1, 2020
Back to work covid-19 screening

America is going back to work and employee safety  from COVID-19 is on top of every employer’s list! The National Government is set to resume the operations of states and...

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Understanding the benefits of Telemedicine
Posted by | May 25, 2020
Understanding the Benefits of Telemedicine

With the continuing global fight against coronavirus, it has been considered challenging to set an appointment with doctors, let alone, take a trip to the hospital yourself.  As the public...

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