About Us

During my 10 years as an Internal Medicine Hospitalist, I have admitted and cared for many patients whose cases are representative of the failures of the healthcare system. With fractured outpatient care and no true understanding of how the healthcare system works, patients and families end up in the ER looking for guidance and answers.

Working closely with social workers, case managers, and specialist physicians, these patients count on me to help find answers that are cost effective and appropriate.

I see the difficulties that patients face navigating the system and advocating for themselves.  Patients have no true voice in the most important aspect of their life.  Therein lies my passion – truly being the physician by your side in your healthcare.  

the physician by your side

I have a vision to be the physician by your side truly empowering you with awareness, advocacy and advice.

By helping you as the patient throughout the process, our team’s goal is to help you better navigate the convoluted system of healthcare.

By not only giving you access to your health information, but pairing it with our extensive experience in the healthcare system, we aim to create a new wave of enlightenment.  One where you are not daunted by the system, but rather an active participant in the healthcare decision making process.

the physician by your side

Changes in our healthcare system are desperately needed. However, patients need quality healthcare today.

We commit to empowering you to make better more informed decisions.

We are committed to work directly with you (and your support system) to help you better understand your healthcare and information.  

the physician by your side